"There's Always Something Happening at The Hideaway"


Every Tuesday - Big Ass Blues Jam hosted by Rick Lee and the Night Owls
9:30pm-1:30am - No Cover - Best Steak Night in Houston

Upcoming Honky Tonk Happy Hour Hosts:
April 11 - Phillip Gibbs / April 18 - Handsome Bob / April 25 - Nathan Taylor 
6 - 10pm / FREE Show / 21 and up
April 11 - Phillip Gibbs / April 18 - Handsome Bob / April 25 - Nathan Taylor 
6 - 10pm / FREE Show / 21 and up
Upcoming Honky Tonk Happy Hour Hosts:
April 11 - Phillip Gibbs / April 18 - Handsome Bob / April 25 - Nathan Taylor 
6 - 10pm / FREE Show / 21 and up
Upcoming Honky Tonk Happy Hour Hosts:
April 11 - Phillip Gibbs / April 18 - Handsome Bob / April 25 - Nathan Taylor 
6 - 10pm / FREE Show / 21 and u
Mike's Hard Humpdays
Every Wednesday
$3 Mikes Hard Bottles and Cocktails!
& $15 Buckets

Mikes Ramakable shooter
Mikes hard lemonade, Jager, sprite
The John Daly
Ice Tea & mikes hard lemonade
Mikes Woo Woo
Mikes hard lemonade, vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry
Mikes Berricane
Mikes hard blackberry lemonade, rum, sprite, OJ
Mikes ridonkulous rita
Mikes hard blackcherry lemonade, tequila, sprite, OJ
Friday August 1st - Texas TNT
Take a strawberry blonde that sings like Janis Joplin and plays bass like Michael Anthony, put her onstage with the firepower of Randy Rhodes and the rhythmic groove of John Bonham, add awesome harmonies and you’ve got the explosive energy of Texas TNT.
Saturday August 2nd - Paul Rameriz
Paul Ramirez is unquestionably one of the finest blues/rock guitarists on the Houston scene. After six years as co-lead guitarist with the ever-popular Mark May, Paul decided it was time to step up and front his own band giving rise to The Paul Ramirez Band.
Friday August 8th - Cody Joe Hoghes
Cody Joe Hodges’s music has been described as "outlaw country", with a large influence of the country greats and performers who started the genre in the late 70’s and 80’s. Cody Joe's voice ranges from silky smooth to raspy seduction.  He and his band always thrill, putting on a high-energy performance at every show. It is rare that you will find someone that reaches across the aisle to both the old and new generations, but Cody Joe Hodges does it every time.  With a steel guitar, fiddle, stand-up bass, guitar and drums, Cody Joe’s sound is something out of the past, and his writing style of the here and now.
Saturday August 9th - Whiskey Business
Whiskey Business is your 100 Proof Rock and Roll Band!!!
Friday August 15th - Buster Jiggs
For the past fourteen years the band Buster Jiggs has rocked their way through the great state of Texas. In the last few years their sound has morphed into what the band now calls “Organic Texas Rock”. There is no formula, there is no “set structure”, it is what it is, and it’s Rock N Roll.
Saturday August 16th - Drugstore Gypsies
Born out of the intuition of Berklee College of Music dropouts and backyard bullshitters alike, we are The Drugstore Gypsies. Technicality is a big factor we put in to every song composed, but the live show, on the other hand, is as wild as any ace you bring to the table. With a unique blend of southern rock riffs and solid country sounds, we have a musical styling all our own. Accordingly, therefore, consequentially, ergo, incidentally, hence thus forth, however uniquely enough, our influences include everything from Conway Twitty to Led Zeppelin. Then when it comes to the live show, you have got to geaux czech us out!
Friday August 22nd - Tony Vega
Born in Chicago and raised in Houston, Tony Vega began cutting his teeth on blues music after a chance meeting with Albert Collins. Tony Vega formed his Band and unleashed his red hot blues infused roots n’ roll on an unsuspecting public in late 1997. According to Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top “Tony Vega is a Monster!”
Saturday August 23rd - The Railbirds
From all over the globe, a quintet of incredibly accomplished musicians have united to form Houston’s newest funk/rock/party band, The Railbirds.
Friday August 29th - Charlie Harrison
Charlie Harrison is a Texas songwriter who traces his roots back to the country bars and honky-tonks of Austin and Houston. Charlie writes deceptively simple songs ranging from fun, crowd-moving barroom rants to melodic tunes inspired by old loves and/or the county jail. With a catalog of songs born in beer, whiskey, and women, Harrison's storytelling and sense of humor often allows the material to transcend their form.
Saturday August 30th - Brandon McDermot
If you were to think of the most glorious sound that could ever be produced...As if Heaven itself were to part the clouds for the briefest of moments and all the Angels gathered to sing their most Angelic song, and it was so beautiful that it could only be heard for a single whisper of a moment or the gloriousness of the sound would overwhelm everyone on Earth….yep, that’s the Brandon McDermott Band.
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